Braced, Bolted and Built – Construction of Modular “Basic Shelters” in Gibitngil, North Cebu

Braced, Bolted and Built – Partner Housing is currently funding and supervising the construction of Basic Shelters on Gibitngil Island, Philippines, which was devastated by Hurricane Haiyan in late 2013. The 3 x 3 metre Basic Shelters provide permanent, cyclone-resistant and affordable modular structures, which can be easily constructed by local tradesmen. They provide a “very strong” core of permanent houses and can also serve as a transitional shelters following natural disasters. There is a continuous simple anchorage and bracing mechanism – The steel roof sheeting is site screwed to hardwood purlins, which are bolted to hardwood studs anchored directly into a reinforced concrete slab-on-ground. Hardwood studs, noggings, diagonal braces and plywood sheeting wall panels provide racking resistance, and may be pre-fabricated off site if preferred.